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Providing Alternative Investment Advice and Due Diligence since 1996

Paradigm Consulting Services (“PCS”) has been on the forefront of Alternative Investments since 1996. Founded by Amy B. Hirsch, who has four decades of experience in the industry, PCS has invested in or done due diligence on almost every type of alternative investment vehicle. From simple equity long/short to complex option strategies, PCS has seen it all. From the early days of Tiger Management to the current day, one thing remains the same; people make the decisions that impact your portfolio.

The basic mantra of PCS is that “people make money”, not “markets”. It is imperative to understand the drivers of every aspect of an investment firm, not just the trades they are discussing or the deals they are selling. We have been conducting deep dive due diligence since the early 1990’s.

PCS has managed assets on both a non-discretionary and discretionary basis in excess of one billion dollars. PCS currently offers the following services:

Due Diligence for Investors, Prime Brokers, and Seed Capital

Fund Level Manager

• Firm
• Strategy
• Fund
• Operations
• Vendor

Company Level Due Diligence

• Investment Management Companies
• Mutual Fund Companies
• Recovery Companies

Alternative Investment Expert Witness Services

• Managed Futures, Hedge Funds, Illiquid Assets

- Marketing Processes

- Operations Processes

- Financial Controls

- Market Strategies

- General Industry

General Alternative Investment Portfolio and Structuring Advice

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